The Case for an Affordable Online MBA Certificate Program

Sameer Kamat | Entrepreneur, Author, Cambridge MBA

My career and life transformed after my MBA!

Sure, the MBA degree played a big role in influencing how the external world (and recruiters) saw me. But the bigger transformation, that I value more, happened internally.

My mindset changed in ways that I hadn't expected.

A lot of things that seemed confusing and disconnected for years, started falling in place, like a jigsaw puzzle. As a simple example, the news articles on presumably 'boring, technical' topics that I would ignore earlier, started making sense now.

When you grasp the fundamentals of economics, finance, operations, marketing, strategy - you don't simply learn business subjects. You start demystifying the complex world around you.

With that knowledge, I became more aware of the opportunities around me that I was never able to see earlier. I also gained more confidence that ultimately helped me launch my own business (it's called MBA Crystal Ball).Online Mini MBA

That's the true power of an MBA education. Not so much the exorbitantly-priced degree, but the internal mindset change and the ability to appreciate the bigger picture.

And I believe that you don't need to wait to get into a business school to learn these lessons. 

That was my motivation to create this mini MBA program and the management games. It is a good option for high school students, engineers, lawyers, doctors and anyone else who could not get into Harvard and Stanford.

This course has students from over 50 countries, making it truly international and as diverse as any top tier MBA program in the world. Check out the student reviews to get an idea of the global footprint for this power-packed online management course.

I'll also be the first to admit that this course will not benefit everyone. Your aptitude and interests will influence what you'll learn, how much you retain and how you're able to apply it in your day-to-day life.

It's is not an alternative to a full-time, on-campus MBA degree. And it's not a short-cut to fame and fortune either. 

But it could very well be the first small step in the right direction!

Is this online MBA worth it for me?

It could be the best and most affordable management program for high school students, engineers, executive assistants, doctors, lawyers, and anyone who can't go to Harvard!

  • Take it at any time, from any place and at a pace you're comfortable with.

  • Learn all the basic MBA subjects taught in the top business schools. Check the curriculum below.

  • Test your knowledge using our highly popular business simulations - SCM game and BizMAP.

  • Get a certificate to show the world you're serious about self-growth & willing to go beyond free online MBA related courses.

Thumbs up from professors from top universities

Here's what reputed industry experts are saying about our simulation games

“I’ve used Capstone and some Harvard simulations. The USP of BizMAP is that the setup time is minimal. It can be used as an introduction to business simulation for students with little or no experience to simulation. Even within the limited scope, there’s complexity in the game as it involves multiple variables (production, marketing, R&D, etc.)”

Prof. Salman Ali, Business Policy and Strategy Department, Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Raipur

“The simulation helped the students to understand some of the concepts more vividly as they see them being played out in the game. The only issue was the “restricted” realism arising from the simplified industry dynamics programmed into the game. Overall, it was a good way to expose students that strategic management is not a textbook lesson. ”

Chong Chee-Leong, Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Strategy And Policy, National University of Singapore (NUS)

“My MBA students are required to earn $5M+ operating profit by the end of the BizMAP game to earn 5% of their grade. It helps students gain an appreciation for the connection between elements in the value chain – pricing/advertising (demand), production/employees (supply), and R&D (productivity gains).”

Dr. Steve Phelan, Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship & MBA Director, Fayetteville State University (USA)

Mini-MBA Benefits

  • Build management skills

    Gain an edge over your peers who are purely focused on technical work.

  • Strengthen your profile

    Address the blind spots and become more effective in your current role.

  • Discover your potential

    Explore new domains that your job does not give you access to work in.

Online MBA Student Reviews

What our students from around the world are saying

“The program exceeded my expectations, it left no terms unexplained and thoroughly navigated through all the core areas.”

Amany Aziz (Client Support, Egypt)

“The course was more beneficial than I expected. I like all of the course modules and topics.”

Phyo Hlaing Bwa (NGO Director, Myanmar)

“Demystifies the MBA. I'd highly recommend it to MBA aspirants, particularly if you aren't from a traditional (consultant or banking) background. Concepts are explained in easy to understand fashion & will help level the playing field during MBA.”

Nikhilesh Jha (Wharton MBA 2017)

“I've gained valuable knowledge that can be used in everyday tasks, the ability to see the bigger picture & consider other points of view when making business decisions.”

Radosław Maciążek (Tech Professional, Poland)

“Found it fascinating. It added more value to what I have acquired years ago. It really prepared me to undertake my Master’s thesis.”

Michael Mathye (Government Admin, South Africa)

“Inclusion of tools like BCG Matrix, PEST analysis etc allowed for a thorough understanding of strategic business planning & market analysis. BizMAP game was a valuable complement, offering a practical application of the concepts learned, enhancing decision-making skills in a simulated business environment.”

Aryan Chandak (IIT student, India)

“This is the first time I took a course, learning online to fill in my need on studying. I have found that MBA Crystal Ball knows how to make this happen. By learning online, I can learn as well as keep going on my work. The lessons were also understandable, with simple words and concepts.”

Ari Setyawan (Entrepreneur, Indonesia)

“I can learn essential management skills like leadership, decision-making, and project management, which are valuable for running medical practices efficiently. The games are very interesting and amazing for me.”

Farid Rajaei Rizi (Doctor, Iran)

“Best strategic course. One of the best certification program facilitating the pedagogy for the deprived.”

Md Fahadunnabi Sahos (Account Manager, Bangladesh)

Online MBA Course Outline & Syllabus

Expand each chapter to see what you'll learn

About this course

  • 57 lessons
  • 2 business simulation games
  • powered by MBA Crystal Ball
  • Course: Free (30-day validity) | Certificate: $199 $59

Start the best online Mini MBA program for free

FAQ: Certificate, cost, fees, eligibility, requirements, and more

  • What is a mini-MBA?

    A mini-MBA is a super-compact and low-cost course that covers all the basic subjects of any top MBA program.
    An 'online mini-MBA' is, as you guessed, the online version of the same - with the additional benefits of being self-paced and highly-flexible.
    It is an excellent choice for cautious and curious students and executives who do not want to make a full-time commitment to a regular full-time MBA.

  • Mini MBA vs MBA vs Executive MBA: What are the differences?

    Here are the key differences between a mini-MBA, regular MBA and executive MBA.

    1. Mini-MBA: Very low cost, low-entry barrier, part-time, flexible duration, (optional) certificate course.

    2. Regular MBA: Very high fee, very difficult to get in, full-time, 1-2 years duration, degree program.

    3. Executive MBA: Very high fee, moderately difficulty to get in, part-time, 2-3 years duration, degree program.

  • Eligibility & Requirements

    Unlike regular MBA programs, we do not have any strict eligibility criteria for enrollment. It works for high-school students as well as experienced executives. It also helps to have a genuine desire to learn.

    Here's what you need to make the most of our mini-MBA online course:

    1. A computer, laptop, mobile.
    2. An internet connection.
    3. A curious and committed mind!
  • Duration: How long does the course take to complete?

    This course can be completed in under a week or two, if you can dedicate time for it. On the other had, if procrastination is your dominant trait, it can remain partially completed for weeks, months and years. That's the beauty of flexible, online courses. To create a sense of urgency, we have limited the course duration to 30 days. So do NOT sign up, unless you're sure you have the time to complete it.

  • Mini MBA - Degree or Diploma or Certificate?

    A Mini-MBA cannot award a degree or diploma, like programs such as a regular MBA or executive MBA can.
    A few offer certifications, which add some value to the resume. They communicate to prospective employers that you've take the effort to focus on self-development.
    But a word of caution - do not consider them as alternatives to a degree or diploma awarded by universities. So keep your expectations in check to avoid disappointment.
    For our Bizcool Mini MBA, you can get a certificate of completion for a small, affordable fee. Check the last lesson in the course to know how you can get yours.

  • Review of the best Mini MBA costs / fees

    We reviewed some of the best online mini MBA programs in the world in terms of costs. Here's how they stack up. Check their official websites for the latest fees and pricing.

    Program name Offered by Fee
    Online Mini MBA Certificate University at Buffalo School of Management USD $995
    Executive Mini MBA London School of Business & Finance GBP £2,150
    PwC's Mini MBA PricewaterhouseCoopers EUR €2,400 + VAT
    Mini-MBA: Business Essentials Rutgers Business School USD $3,495
    LSE MBA Essentials London School of Economics GBP £4,500
    Mini-MBA Online Bizcool (with MBA Crystal Ball) USD $199 $59